Complete range of high quality polyester supports for Printing, Imaging and Reproduction, CAD applications and/or Technical Drawing and Heliographic Reprography.

Ink-Jet Products - Products for Prints and Copies - Drawing Products - Products for Reproduction

For Ink-Jet Equipment, Laser and PPC Printers and Plotters, Pen Plotters and Heliographic Systems.

The Application field of these Pet Film is to be referred to various workplaces such as: graphic, visual communication and advertising media, photograpy, technical, architectural and construction prints, mechanical, electronic, engineering and geographic systems, tracing and technical drawings for diemakers and other applications in the silk-screen and flexographic sector to create negative or positive clichés (plates) also for stamps.

Ink-Jet and Laser products can also be used for labelling and plates of various nature and quality depending on the inks or toners used and the environment of use, external or internal.

I prodotti Ink-Jet e Laser possono essere impiegati anche per etichettatura e targhettatura di varia natura e qualità a seconda degli inchiostri o dei toner utilizzati e dell’ambiente di utilizzo, esterno o interno.