Complete range of high quality polyester supports for various industrial applications.

Flexographic Products

Polyester substrate for obtaining Flexographic plates using liquid photopolymer resins.

The special chemical pre-treatment and the further high-anchorage treatment make these PET Films perfectly compatible with any type of liquid resin from the world's leading manufacturers of these products.

The various types of finishing: transparent or colored, green, yellow, red, blue, or costumizable, allows to have a unique range of products.

The Adhesive versions, use a special, very tough glue, which ensures a strong anchorage on any type of subsequent assembly film and its particular "striped" application guarantees the following applications without "bubbles" (HighBond-BubbleFree-StripsCoat) creating a unique product with superior performance.




Structured Products

The range of products with cross-linked surface with high mechanical resistance make these PET Films a valid choice in many fields of application that require special supports.

These supports resistant to abrasion, temperature, water and solvents, can be made in a wide range of colors, opaque, glossy, base or fluorescent for the realization of accessories in the field of fashion.

The range is then composed of other anti-scratch and printable products suitable for mechanical stess, resistant to water, solvents and temperature for the construction of membranes, with or without windows, for use in the rolling sector and for purely industrial use.




Release Products

We are in condition to produce, according to the different needs and degrees specifically requested by the client, PET film for Transfer and Release. 

This range of products can be developed with various degrees of detachment and different finishing: Matt, Milky or Transparent, with smooth or "wrinkled" surface.

These products can also be made and used as a sacrificial material to structurated contact surfaces.

On request can also be produced surfaces for silk-screen printing, lithography, Ink-Jet or Laser.

The transfer can be made on fabrics or other surfaces.




High Adhesion Products

The PET Films defined with high adhesion are polyester supports with a particular chemical treatment: TCA = Trichloroacetic Acid, wich considerably increases the wettability of the coated surface. This treatment is a strong adhesion promoter for further process.

No one type of treatment or preparation of the films (Acrylic or Corona) guarantees performances of the same quality.

Various degrees of treatment and transparency are aviable. The treated Films can be transparent, white or milky. One or both sides of the support can be treated. The treatments can also be carried out on a coating service work basis on customer support.

This treatment is performed through a coating process that guarantees, in addition to the technical functionality, also an aesthetic quality for following process where higher precision and performance are required.

The applications of this range of products can be traced back to the need to have a film for subsequent processing where a strong anchoring is required.




PET Base Products

We also have a wide range of basic PET Films of various nature, thickness, finish and widths.